Pars garage is available to help you with every aspect of your garage renovation.

The Refresh model is designed to meet the needs of local homeowners. Refresh’s process is used by locally-owned and operated renovation specialists who understand regional requirements and garage styles. specialists also work closely with councils so that the projects are carried out according to local standards. Our global success means that we can draw on the best practices, as well as innovative design methods, from around the world.

Have you read other companies’ profile?
All of them are proud of their work and have a long list of flawless resources.
We follow the same path; however, Pars Garage acts beyond it’s name.
What distinguish us from other is being so professional in our field.
We bring what you have in your mind to reality.

About Us

Pars Garage acts beyond it’s name.

We share every step of our progress with you to make sure it suits your preferences. We believe in that it is your right to expend your budget in the best way possible. Sina has 10-years experience in designing and renovating. He has a brilliant artistic and professional point of view in his projects. His experience and success in this field give him adequate credit to manage every single project. Whether it is a small garage or a huge commercial parking lot. Just having a quick conversation with Sina gives you enough confidence to choose him as your project manager. Our commitment to your requests would be mentioned in our contract before starting a project. You have a picture of your project in your mind and have a budget for it. We value it and do our best to make sure to have the best possible results. We price guarantee the best project with the competitive.

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